NJ Biz Owners Tell Gov Murphy To Kick Rocks, Tear Down Barricades To Open Gym

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Two New Jersey gym owners who were arrested on Monday for opening their business to provide for their families decided to reopen today despite the barricades authorities had put up to block the entrance.

Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith, the owners of Atilis gym reopened their doors on Saturday with a dramatic video of them kicking down the barricades with a crowd cheering.

The owners have been fighting for months to keep their business open in defiance of Governor Murphy’s unconstitutional coronavirus orders. The owners simply want to remain open to feed their families and have taken extra precautions to open safely.

The owners have been fined and arrested for opening their business.

Ian Smith posted the video on Instagram along with the following message:

“Tyrants use force to exercise their will – threat of imprisonment, financial ruin, and more.
And a tyrant is what we have in office. No science, no data, only conclusive statements with no proof. We presented a plan, a sensible one and opened responsibly – and you decided to make it personal, so now here we are. You will not tread on my rights, you will not ruin everything we’ve worked our whole lives for, and you will be held responsible for your trespasses. #lionsnotsheep
– Ian Smith

The owners have nicknamed their gym, “Anti-Murphy Autonomous Zone” or A.MA.Z and have posted pictures on Instagram of people using their gym equipment outdoors.

Many businesses across the country are fighting to stay open so that they can simply provide for their families.

It seems if you want to gather in large crowds without masks and destroy public property while threatening the police that is acceptable. However if you try to earn a living to put food on the table you can be fined or face jail time.

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