WATCH: Mass. Fire Dept Forced To Remove Thin Blue Line Flags Honoring Fallen Officer

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A fire department in Massachusetts is being forced to remove the Thin Blue Line flags from their trucks due to a policy in the town that forbids political messages on town property.

Hingham Fire Department has been displaying Thin Blue Line flags in honor of the anniversary of a fallen officer and to show their support for law enforcement.

Now the town is making them take the flags down saying that they are political.

“We continued to fly the flags after the anniversary in support of the law enforcement officers in our own community, as well as all law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line every day. At NO TIME, was this meant to be a political statement in any way. Nor was it an attempt to show support for, or against, any specific political party or advocacy group…While the members of Local 2398 are not pleased with the decision to remove the flags, we will continue our unwavering support for all the men and women of law enforcement who bravely protect their communities day in and day out.”
– Hingham Fire Department

While displaying support for law enforcement is prohibited in many areas across the country claiming it is political there seems to be no issue with the public display of Black Lives Matter. It seems Americans can only show political support for specific types of organizations.


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