(VIDEO) Mounted Police & Their Supporters Run ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter Out Of Colorado Town

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By Ray Dietrich

Demonstrators gathered in Berthoud Colorado on Sunday to show their support for local law enforcement when they were meant with a small group of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter protesters.

Ryan Armagost had organized the rally and had made it clear that this was a peaceful rally meant to back the blue and show support for their local police department.

“It has grown beyond the span of my control… I organized this and I want to let everyone know that there are a lot of idiots taking this to a level that it doesn’t need to be taken, on all sides. Let’s keep this as what I originally intended for it to be please. For anyone that is coming to express their political views, stay home. For anyone that is coming with any idea of fighting or confronting anyone who should oppose us, stay home. If you were coming to show force with a firearm or other display of force, stay home. This is a peaceful rally and walk to support our law enforcement.”
– Facebook post from Ryan Armagost

The ANTIFA and BLM protesters who showed up to the event were kept under control by the police after a brief scuffle between the two groups.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith expressed his appreciation for the event and the community coming together to show their support for law enforcement.

“To all the community members who are flooding our agency with support over the last many weeks- please know that your kind actions, gifts and prayers mean the world to our staff. They love serving this community and your support lifts them up in these challenging times!”
– Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith


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