Travel Warning Being Issued For NYC Due To De Blasio’s Crime Wave

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Residents from East Fishkill NY are being warned by a city council member to not travel to New York City due to increase in violence.

Anil Beephan put out a warning on Facebook to residents of the city in Dutchess County.

“Due to the rising rate of violence and major crimes, it is recommended that area residents exercise increased caution while visiting New York City. Armed criminals have been known to target and attack individuals, both pre-meditated and at random.”
– Anil Beephan Facebook post

The warning comes after New York City has seen a 130 percent increase in crime in the month of June compared to the same time period last year.

The advisory included Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Beephan is blaming the increase in crime on decisions from Mayor De Blasio and other city leaders to dismantle the plainclothes anti crime unit and the defunding of the police department.

“Due to the disbandment of the anti-crime N.Y.P.D. plainclothes unit coupled with criminal justice reform, officers/judges may have a limited ability to provide adequate services and protections for crime victims,”
– Anil Beephan


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