NFL COVID Policy Says Players Can Be Fined For Attending Church

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As the NFL prepares for the 2020 season they have implemented strict coronavirus guidelines for the players limiting their activity off of the field including the possible punishment for exercising their First Amendment rights of freedom to assemble and practice their faith.

The NFL and the players union have created rules that both parties agreed to aimed at preventing players from getting the coronavirus.

Per multiple sources, the deal specifically prohibits players from engaging in certain behaviors this season. Players cannot attend indoor night clubs, indoor bars (except to pickup food), indoor house parties (with 15 or more people), indoor concerts, professional sporting events, or indoor church services that allow attendance above 25 percent of capacity.
Players can be fined for violating these rules. Moreover, if they test positive after engaging in prohibited activities, they will not be paid for the games they miss. Also, future guarantees in their contracts would be voided.

– Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio

The proposed plan to limit activities off of the field puts the responsibility and accountability onto the players. However if the players do not adhere to the guidelines they risk losing their contracts.

The NFL does plan to start the season on time, whether or not fans will be allowed in the stadiums remains uncertain.


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