Nashville Mayor Cancelled 4th Of July Celebrations, Allowed Black Lives Matter Protest

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The Nashville Mayor shutdown July 4 celebrations over concerns about the coronavirus, but allowed Black Lives Matter protesters to gather to protest against America.

The Mayor of Nashville ordered bars and restaurants shut their doors after an increase of coronavirus cases and cancelled the July 4th event planned for the holiday weekend.

However Black Lives Matter protesters were exempt from the Mayor’s orders as thousands were allowed to gather in the streets to protest America.

Many residents were outraged that they couldn’t celebrate the holiday while others could protest.

“Nashville Mayor in the most despicable display of anti-America, Shuts Down 4th of July Celebrations but Allows Black Lives Matter to Protest America on Independence Day. Time for the Nashville mayor to be recalled immediately and run out of town.”

– Nashville Resident

Many Americans are starting to question mayors and governors who are enforcing unconstitutional coronavirus orders.

While citizens are being told to stay home it seems there is an exception for those who want to gather in large crowds to protest the country they choose to live in.

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