Sheriff’s Office Cadet Died After Training Exercise

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A cadet training with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department to become a jail deputy passed away late Tuesday after he collapsed during a training exercise Tuesday morning.

Koichi John Nishimura was training to become a jail deputy when he collapsed during a training exercise on Tuesday morning and later died. Nishimura was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately he did not make it. Nishimura was just a few weeks shy of graduating.

“It is with great sadness we report the unexpected passing of one of our recruits. The recruit had been participating in defensive tactics training at the academy yesterday. The recruit was rushed to the hospital by ambulance; however, tragically did not survive.”
– Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Officer Jessica Gabaldon

Nishimura was participating in an intense training exercise that was intended to simulate a real life assault teaching him how to defend himself.

In law enforcement academies they use what is known as a Red Man Suit which has been controversial for years. The Red Man Suit is padded gear that aims to provide protection to the individual wearing it. Over the course of several decades there has been multiple reports of serious injuries during these trainings.

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