CA COVID-19 Released Inmate Arrested 3 Times In 12 Hours, Protest Arrests Continue

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In California Orange County Law Enforcement arrested a suspect three times over a 12 hour period thanks to the zero bail policy for criminals charged with misdemeanors and low level felonies

Thanks to California’s zero bail policy, Dijon Landrum repeatedly got arrested over a 12 hour period and each time he got quickly released.

Landrum was first arrested by the Glendora Police Department on April 29 for allegedly breaking into a vehicle and trying to steal it. Police arrived on the scene to discover Landrum broke into the vehicle and he had narcotics and stolen property in his possession.

Police arrested Landrum and thanks to the zero bail policy he was released back into the community.

About an hour after being released the Glendora Police Department received a call about an individual stealing property off of people’s lawns. When Police arrived they discovered the suspect was Landrum who had stolen property in his possession.

Landrum was arrested and taken into custody only to be released a few hours later.

Later on that day Landrum allegedly stole a vehicle from a parking lot and led Glendora Police and California Highway Patrol Officers on a high speed chase that ended in Pasadena. Landrum was arrested for a third time. This time he was charged with evading arrest and possession of a stolen vehicle.

However thanks to the zero bail law, Landrum was released once again

Landrum is a perfect example of why the zero bail policy does more harm than good

Meanwhile in California, law abiding citizens are being arrested at gunpoint for surfing & patrolled and ordered, by helicopter, to not do something as simple as spend a day at the beach…

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