UPDATE: 5 Juveniles Confess to Brutally Assaulting 15 Year Old Girl In NYC

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A 15 year old girl was brutally attacked and assaulted in Brooklyn last week, now five juveniles ages 14-17 have come forward confessing to taking part in the attack.

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The attack that was caught on surveillance camera last week depicts a horrifying event of a group of juveniles hitting and kicking this young girl as she curled up in a ball. They stole her Air Jordans, phone and debit card. The young girl was taken to a nearby hospital where she was being treated for head trauma and multiple other injuries. She has since been released.

On March 7, five suspects turned themselves in at the 77th precinct in Crown Heights. Police believe that the attack was a retaliation against the girl who had gotten into a fight with another girl at school earlier that day.

Police are still trying to find other suspects in the attack. There are believed to have been 12 juveniles involved. The five suspects who have come forward are being charged with robbery and gang assault and their case is being referred to family court since they are all minors.

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