Canadians Interfering In U.S. 2020 Election, Campaign For Bernie Sanders

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Despite Canadians not being able to vote in elections in the United States, it has not stopped young people across college campuses in Canada from helping the Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Young people in Canada have decided to get involved in the Sanders’ campaign by calling and texting United States voters to try and get them to support Sanders in the upcoming election.

While it is illegal for citizens from other countries to make financial contributions to campaigns in the United States they are still allowed to get involved in a volunteer capacity.

One student has organized bank-a-thons which are a way for students to get together and campaign.

On the official Bernie Sanders’ website volunteers have access to automatic and message dialing systems. Essentially they get a batch of numbers for American voters that they can then call and text. By doing this volunteers can find out who supports Sanders and make sure his supporters know where to vote and if there are any rallies in their area.

The students in Canada don’t see any type of ethical violation with getting involved with a candidate’s campaign that is not in their country. Many believe that the U.S. 2020 election impacts their country as well.

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