(VIDEO) Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett Gets Mobbed By Angry Liberals at Ohio University

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Kaitlin Bennett A.K.A. “gun girl” made her way to Ohio University on Monday where she claims that a riot broke out.

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Two years ago Kaitlin Bennett posed in her cap and gown for her senior pictures while armed with a gun. Since posting photos on social media in 2018 armed with an AR-10 and her Kent State graduation cap that said, “come and take it,” Bennett has been going around to various college campuses to protest or ask political questions.

She went to Ohio University on President’s Day as part of her Liberty Hangout University Tour. She did not give notice to anyone that she would be there.

On social media posts you can see that students were not very welcoming to “gun girl.” There’s videos of liquids being thrown at her along with people yelling obscenities or giving her the middle finger.

No arrest were made from the outburst, but Bennett made it known how she felt about the situation on social media. She tweeted out that Trump should cut funding to universities that “harbor” terrorist.

Despite the outrage from students on the campus, Bennett vowed that she would be back with, “an army of gun owners for an open carry walk through campus.”

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