(VIDEO) ANTIFA Storm New York Subways, Scuffles Ensue and Arrests Made

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Masked basement dwellers strike again

“I think it’s absurd, things aren’t free. Asking for free stuff, it’s like they’re 12 year olds. They’re acting like children!”
– Unimpressed Commuter

Immature protesters across New York City vandalized trains, turnstiles trains and stations with anti-cop messages as you can see in the Tweet below from the NYC Police Benevolent Association.

“The protests divert valuable time, money and resources away from investments in transit services that get New Yorkers to their jobs, schools, doctors and other places they need to go. This demonstration activity follows the dangerous pattern of previous activities that have resulted in vandalization and defacement of MTA property – clearly violating laws.”
– MTA Chief Safety Officer Pat Warren

What these ANTIFA types fail to realize is that their activities of the day cost the city time money and resources. Those costs are always passed on to the citizens. Ultimately, this type of behavior is counter productive to their cause.

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