Republicans Go On Offense With Record GOP Field: Mission To Destroy Dem Socialists

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Republicans are ramping up to take control of the House and the Senate with a record number of filings according to the federal candidate and financial activity report.

In 2019 781 Republicans filed paperwork to run for the house which is the highest ever recorded in an odd year according to the Federal Election Committee.

“Republican candidates across the country interviewed by Fox News said they feel momentum is on their side this time. Energized by President Trump and his impeachment acquittal, congressional hopefuls are making the case that Trump needs a fighter like them in the House or else the country will succumb to “socialist” Democratic plans.”
-Excerpt from Fox News

Republicans feel that momentum is on their side at the time and want to capitalize on that momentum. They want to take over the house and push the Democrats aside.

“I’m tired of seeing my president attacked every day, I’m tired of seeing our future threatened. I’m tired of seeing my children’s future extremely threatened, and it’s time to get off the bench and really step up to the plate.”
– Marjorie Greene, a GOP businesswoman and first-time congressional candidate

Last cycle the Democrats set an record high for candidates filing to run for office, but now the Republicans are stepping up to take control of the House and Senate

Many have taken aim at AOC, Ilhan Omar (who married her brother) and the rest of the ‘squad’ of freshmen Democrat reps…

“These are radical women that will not bend. They do not want to work across the aisle. They only want their policies of the Green New Deal, ‘Medicare-for-all’ and socialism for America.

Oftentimes, it takes a woman to put another woman in her place.”
– Marjorie Greene

Some candidates are simply inspired by Trump even though they have little or no experience politics. They’re just getting after it in the good ole grassroots kinda way.

“You’re seeing people standing up and taking charge like they were told to in the Constitution as a citizen legislator.

God has things happen for mysterious reasons. And I, as a congresswoman, have to understand all of my citizens. And believe it or not, your citizens — just because they don’t have a house doesn’t mean they don’t get the vote. They will vote.”
– Christina Fitchett-Hickson, candidate for Michigan’s 5th District

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