Coronavirus Death Toll Rises, Impacts Felt Across the Globe

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Just when officials thought the spread of the coronavirus was slowing down, the development of new testing to identify the virus has led to a huge increases of cases in addition to the highest death toll in a single day.

On Wednesday officials in Hubei province reported a death toll of 242 people which takes the death toll total to 1367. The number of new reported cases jumped to 14,800 making the total number of people infected in China 59,805.

Outside mainland China there 570 confirmed cases in more than 25 different countries have been confirmed. Various countries are putting plans in place to keep the virus from spreading. Croatia is considering closing borders across the European Union if it becomes necessary.

Japan reported their first death from the coronavirus and the Princess Diamond continues to remained quarantined off the coast of Japan. The total number of confirmed cases aboard the ship is 219 people.

The United States just reported their 15th case today in Texas. The individual is part of a group that is quarantined on a Texas Air Base.

The impacts of the coronavirus can be felt across the globe as it continues to impact the economy with various manufactures closing plants and various airlines cutting off travel to areas of China.

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