(VIDEOS) Democrats Support A Dictatorship AGAIN By Blocking Vote To Support Iranian Protesters

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On Tuesday, Democrats in the House of Representatives blocked a vote to support the demonstrators in Iran who are protesting against the regime.

While details behind the blockage remain unclear, Democrats were reportedly drafting their own version of the resolution to compete with Mr. McCarthy’s resolution.

With thousands risking their lives in Iran to push back on the oppressive Islamist government that rules over them, you’d think the one thing Republicans and Democrats could agree on is supporting them in our rhetoric. No one is even talking about going to war, arming them, or doing anything other that saying “this is right, and this is wrong.”

But nope, Democrats blocked the resolution that would have shown U.S. support for the protesters.


Whose side are Democrats on?  From their hateful rhetoric damning President Trump’s strike against the Iranian general and his subordinate leaders in Iraq you would think they are with our enemies. 

Considering how the two complement each other that would be a valid assessment.  Soleimani was killed because he has been an active jihadi terrorist leader who has orchestrated attacks that resulted in the deaths of Americans in Iraq along with an assault on our embassy. 

He is known to have provided weapons to Iraqi insurgents throughout the war in Iraq.

It was just a few weeks ago that the US Embassy attack was orchestrated by Soleimani…

and missiles were fired upon US Military bases…

…and Iran admitted to shooting down Ukraine Flight 752 then scrubbing the crash scene

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi flip flops on war powers, Orange Man Bad No Matter What…

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